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Welcome to the SuWoTec World

The unlimited resources are given us by Nature. Nature has its own unique way’s and systems to create, utilize and recycle.. This makes nature our main inspiration for sustainable circular innovations.

We believe that innovations and products developed on this bases  can accelerate and contribute to reach a sustainable circular planet. Innovations and products not pushed by company goals , but driven by our social responsibility and passion from the people off SuWoTec,

To create solutions for the generations to come.

We created a value chain for product design, and energy generation. And use this as guideline in or developments and innovations. Based on the work and living road map were we made all consumers, production and waste flows visible. The circular cycles. We are working on game changing innovations. Maybe  disruptive for some current powerful industries. . But good for our planet.Our innovations  must  have a positive effect on sustainable circular cycles

We hope we can inspire you to join the SuWoTec World!

CEO Lammert de Wit  &  CTO Richard IJpma

Our innovations will accelerate:

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    Energy transition

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    Energy Storage

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    Energy efficiency

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    Minerals recollection

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    Waste to value


Our Circulair System

SUWOTEC - Tekengebied 2

Waste Converting

  • Controlled thermal pressure reactor
  • Controlled clean pyrolyse
  • Full flow water cleaning
SUWOTEC - Tekengebied 1

Energy Buffering

  • Bio based battery technology
SUWOTEC - Tekengebied 1 kopie

Energy Converting

  • Hybrid fuel/gas cell

More information soon!

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Lammert de Wit
+31 6 53 23 09 56

Richard IJpma
+31 6 51 06 39 69