The people behind SuWoTec

Lammert de Wit

During a long career in the oil and gas industry mainly in well services, well control, blow out recovery  and complex well repair. I more and more realized how the earth and environment is abused by our actions, and the way we are operating now is not sustainable for the generation to come.

I started looking for alternatives to oil and gas. I used my earnings to invest in alternative ways for innovations to generate, and store energy. In my travels around the world I met interesting people with the same vision. What I noticed that all people with the same vision were inspired by the nature.

Nature is providing the solution!

To make a long story short we combined the vision and the knowledge into one company. SuWoTec. We started with the question  what we as human being need to do to contribute to a circular sustainable world? Without concession to our current live style. And how can we help to bring the live standard up for everybody on this planet. Not driven by business cases,but economical and driven by our common sense to contribute to leave a better planet for our children and generations to come. We developed a live cycle drawing were we made our current flows visible  contributing to our live. What we eat, drink, what we consume on products, and what we produce on waste. In these flow lines we selected technology were we as SuWoTec can contribute to our vision.

“I am proud that we managed to innovate, technology, combine technology for the next step in energy storage, energy converting, and waste converting.”

We always say “join the SuWoTec World” to be part of the next step in a circular and sustainable planet for generations to come. We are always looking for partners who will join us in the further development of the technology. This can partners in the development or parties who are interested to market and build the products.

Richard IJpma

Born above a car dealer and garage i have therefore experienced the changes in ​​mobility and energy. After my studies, i started at the development and engineering department of Phillips. But havinging mobility in my blood i started a car company that has grown into a diagnosis and software optimization center where car garage and dealers can go for the “difficult” and complex failures.

In the busy schedule I have made time in the last 12 years to teach and train at technology schools. This to open up the eyes of the current generation, to learn how to think with an open mindset and to be able to embrace the new technical possibilities with positivity.

By finding like-minded people who look at nature and technology with the same way of thinking, we started our biggest adventure. The company SuWoTec.

Driven by the desire to develop solutions for a circular world.  Through experience gained in the past years combined with our extensive network, we are able to  take major steps in the energy transition with the aim of a circular economy and sustainable Planet.

Why not start today?

Join SuWoTec in their efforts to create a Circular Economy

Lammert de Wit
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Richard IJpma
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