Thermal battery

The SuWoTec Thermal Battery (THAC) will be a battery for storing thermal energy.

With this battery both heat and cold energy can be stored for short and medium periods (up to ± 3 months).

The charging energy is preferably obtained from sustainable sources, and stored thermal energy can be used at any time. No requirement for conversion of energy. No conversion loss.

The sustainable energy source of thermal energy will be using spectrum parts of the sunlight such as the UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, IR-A, IR-B and IR-C spectrum. This will be realized in the form of solar collectors (often referred to as heat pipes). Another sustainable example of the thermal battery application is to charge it with a heat pump at the highest outside temperature. Or if you have excess of electricity generated by PV panels or wind turbine. This stored thermal energy can be used again at a later time. As a result, peak load in the grid can be avoided and grid congestion can also be reduced.

We are designing SuWoTec THAC to be ideal for the thermal charge and discharge efficiency – the so called heat gradient. A specific feature is that this battery can be deeply discharged with an immediately usable temperature range (> 28 ° C).

This battery will have a wide gradient application with specific thermal transfer elements. This gives the battery a high thermal efficiency.

Depending on climate and surrounding temperatures heat and cold can be stored to have it available in the right quantities at all times.

The quantity off the thermal batteries is related to the energy demand but also the medium used.


This product is still under development and more information will be released in the future.

Different materials

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Capacity / size can be reduced by using materials to store more energy per volume.

This material can be:

  • TCM Thermo Chemical Material
  • PCM Phase Change Material
  • SHS Sensible Heat Storage material
  • LHS Latent Heat Storage material


Each material gives the battery a specific thermal property.

Storage area and economics influences the selection.

The current test system works with natural TCM materials. Other materials are under the early phase of development.

For the TCM materials, our water and salt filling has a better price / performance ratio.

This is the next step for mobility.

Sustainable , efficient and completely circular

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