Energy Buffering

Energy Buffering

The amount of solar panels, wind turbines and other form of sustainable electricity generation is rapidly increasing. The current electricity infrastructure is not capable of handling all these different inputs at all times. The electricity networks are stretched to the limit and some times over the limit with black outs as a result.

Local electricity buffering and storage is needed to level out fluctuations on the network. But also there is a huge demand for local electricity storage in houses, factories, sportclubs, etc.

Everywhere where local electricity is generated local electricity storage is useful.

Now is the time to make the next step for the energy buffering and the circular economy without abusing the earth.

The revolutionary SuWoTec Non Corrosive Electrodes will play a vital role in the Efficient Energy Buffering Proces. That is why we are developing the Bio Based Battery.


This product is still under development and more information will be released in the future.

Bio Based Battery

Circular and Sustainable

With the unique SuWoTec non corrosive electrodes we make circular and sustainable battery systems. The battery systems fit in perfectly with the overall vision of SuWoTec. Main components of the battery are sand and salt.

Because of the worldwide demand for Battery systems all using Li-ion technology or technology based on the same resources, we foresee issues to mine for these resources. We are moving from oil and gas to lithium mining. These systems are not circular and sustainable. Therefor we developed the Bio Based Battery for stationary applications.

The simplicity does it.

Sand and Salt

Basic ingredients are sand, salt and leaves and of course our unique
revolutionary electrodes. Store your local generated electricity right at the place where you generate the electricity. And have it available for use any time.

This system is mainly for stationary applications because of the size. It is larger than li-ion systems. But can be placed anywhere. In the ground, in cellars, in gardens, etc. And naturally it is environmentaly friendlier than other systems.

Some unique features:

  • Suitable for heavy load dumps. This can increase you efficiency from solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Loading and unloading at the same time.
  • No risk for damage when completely unloaded.
  • Safe in use.
  • You can connect the separate systems to required storage capacity.
  • Long livetime and more cycles than other systems.
  • Cheaper than other systems.
  • But most important Circular and Sustainable.

Why not start today?

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