Energy Conversion

Energy Conversion

There is an increasing awareness that the current way of generating energy needs to be changed. The so called energy transition is currently ongoing. We need to drastically reduce fossil resources to generate energy.

Burning for energy should be stopped for the Preservation of Minerals.

Now is the time for a circular economy..

By carefully examining how nature works and what nature gives us, we are able to make new combinations and materials. Part of our strategy in the energy transition is to develop solutions for more efficient use of energy. Optimizing energy generating systems like solar panels, wind turbines and other sustainable circular technology to generate energy, store and transport energy and make it available for use.

Now the time to make the next step for the energy transition and the circular economy. New technologies are needed.

This product is still under development and more information will be released in the future.

Hybrid Fuel/Gas Cell

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The unique electrode and membrane development can be used in fuel cells making fuel cell technology more efficient. Not only for Hydrogen use. Through these revolutionary Membranes you can use all know current fuels and energy carriers. These fuel cells can be built for current fuels like Diesel, Gasoline, LNG, CNG, Hydrogen etc.

No More Burning!! Less pollution.

The biggest advantage we see in the near future is the use of formic acid. (mierenzuur, ameisensäure)  This acid is far more more efficient than hydrogen and there is no need to change infrastructure.


This product is still under development and more information will be released in the future.

This is the next step for mobility.

Sustainable , efficient and completely circular

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