Waste Transition

The Waste Transition. Conversion waste → value.

We see current Waste flows as Product flows. With our life cycle flows as guidance we identified the needs for circular recycle systems.

  • No more burning
  • No more landfill
  • No more CO2 and NOx problems
  • Maximum mineral recovery
  • Maximum reduction to base products / resources for new products
  • Maintaining people and planet value

In the current economy we produce a lot of composed (complex) material what is difficult to re-use. Our resources are limited, the people growth is eminent, more products are needed. Currently shortcuts are taken to give material a second live to shredder it, mix it into other material. Like rubber pieces into bricks or asphalt, plastics into concrete, plastics to make benches street furniture etc. With these solutions you move away from real circular sustainable recycling. Radical changes are needed.

It is now the time to make the next step for the waste transition and the circular economy. The revolutionary SuWoTec Non Corrosive Electrodes and Membranes play a vital role in the efficient waste conversion Proces.

With waste Conversion we mean using waste to turn it in basic raw materials, energy, energy carriers to store and transport energy. We are developing innovations to bring composed complex materials back to the original products. And use it again as base material  resource for new products.

CCP (Controlled Clean Pyrolysis)

CFWC (Controlled Flow Water Cleaning)

The controlled flow water cleaning is using the unique SuWoTec electrode. The muliple layer electrode is capable to attract contamination similar to electrolyse but now in full flow condition.

The electrodes in combination with smart SuWoTec proces the contamination is seperated from the flow.

CPR (Controlled Pressure reactor)

CO2→2 Energy→2 Product (CO2 and NOx conversion to energy and products)

This unique proces uses the CO2 currently wasted through the chimney pipes to generate energy with a high efficency using the available resources from the factory. Re use the CO2 to make a energy carrier or product.

The NOx reduction proces is is currently in development stage.

Contact SuWoTec for more information.

Controlled Flow Water Cleaning

The demand for clean water is increasing

CFWC systems is using the unique non corrosive electrodes in an optimized electrolysis process. With these electrodes it is possible to clean heavily complex polluted water in an full flow system.

It is capable of cleaning water with, heavy metals, oil, gas, and even radioactive contamination.

  • Our electrolysis design can handle almost all pollutions
  • Quality measurement at input.
  • Design, construct and program the non-corrosive electrodes
  • Flow water
  • Suitable for small and large scale cleaning

Controlled Clean Pyrolyse

This advanced pyrolysis system takes away all disadvantages from current pyrolysis systems. Based on the input flows we can set and control the process directly to get maximum product output. Unique heat transferring method. Recycling complex material for 95 – 95% to re-usable products or energy.

Input flows can be complex material like:

Wind turbine blades
Artificial grass fields
Other complex composed material

Output flows

95 – 98 % products / base material or energy for re use.

Some parts will return to its original form and can be re used by product manufacturer.

Controlled pressure reactor

This project is in cooperation with Genesyst Europe and Scheper.co This is a smart way off implementing existing technology currently in operation to crack biomass into valuable products. By using the law of nature a very efficient full flow cracking process is available for large volumes. Using the hydrostatic head and the earth as isolator heat and pressure can be applied in efficient manner.

Input flows can be

Paper waste
Fruits, vegetables, garden waste
Consumer waste
Feed industry
Organic industry waste
Agriculture manure
Bio Hazard waste
Nuclear contaminated waste

Output products

C-5 and C-6 sugars. Base products for a lot off circular applications

You can produce:

Pure  Bio-ethanol (99,6%)
Lactic acid(Bio plastics)
Polymalic acid

Design and construct according Value Chain of circular systems

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