Our Circulair System

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Energy Buffering

The worldwide demand for Battery / Accu systems all using Li-ion technology or technology based on the same resources, we foresee issues to mine for these resources. We move from oil and gas to lithium mining. These systems are not completely circular and sustainable. Therefore we developed the Bio Based Battery and the CO2 2Energy system for stationary applications.

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Energy Converting

By carefully examining how nature works and what nature gives us, we are able to make new combinations and materials. Part of our strategy in the energy transition is to develop solutions for more efficient use of energy. Optimizing energy generation systems like solar panels, wind turbines and other sustainable circular technology to generate energy. Store and transport energy. And make it available to be used.

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Waste Converting

In the current economy we produce a lot of composed (complex) material what is difficult to re-use. Our resources are limited, the people growth is eminent, more products are needed. Currently shortcuts are taken to give material a second live to shredder it, mix it into other material. Like rubber pieces into bricks or asphalt, plastics into concrete, plastics to make benches street furniture etc. With these solutions you move away from real circular sustainable recycling. Radical changes are needed.

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